• Justin Cooke

Acrylic can be used thick or thin.

Acrylic paint is one of the most versatile of the paints we use. Here are just a few tips...of which there are many!

Using thick paint.

For this picture thick paint was used.

Tip: Use water only for cleaning brushes (which were then dried before being used again). The brush marks and the actual texture the paint will then show.

Thin underneath, thicker on top

Tip: Use thick paint over thinner layers to create this look. Water was used sparingly only on the under layers .

Using thick paint .th water

Tip: You can use acrylic paint much like watercolour, as in this demonstration painting by Nicola Cooke. Here she shows how acrylic paint can be used in a delicate and luminous way; qualities usually expected from watercolour.

Building up layers without water.

Tip: It is essential to keep brushes clean and make sure the paint is dry before working on top if you want to achieve this look.

In this demonstration painting by Justin Cooke, He showed how acrylic paint (because it dries quickly) can be built up in layers. Justin showed that a particular brush is needed for this.

Painting in layers with water

Tip: Do not be afraid to use too much water but let the layers dry.

Layers can also be built up in thin washes of paint. As in this painting by Nicola.

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